HAER Care launches SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil

Reviving ancient hair remedies for the Health of Hair

New luxury haircare brand HAER combines the natural botanical medical wisdom of our ancestors with sustainable modern scientific practice to create 100% natural origin, ethical haircare products for today. Formulated using organic and natural ingredients, HAER Care products are cruelty-free, vegan, and GMO-free.

Fragrant SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil is the first born of the HAER Care line up. This beautifully lightweight hair oil contains precious Egyptian Blue Lotus extract – just one of eighteen 100% natural botanical origin ingredients blended to deliver glossy healthy hair benefits. Nourishing Moringa, health-giving Pomegranate, regenerative Black Cumin and stimulating Watermelon all add to this unique Health for Hair formula.

HAER’s SUSINUM is recreated from a recipe first documented almost 2000 years ago by the Greek physician and botanist, Pedanius Dioscorides, in his herbal remedy volumes Materia Medica. Dioscorides’ SUSINUM was the treasured preserve of ancient Egyptian royalty, revered as a symbol of eternal beauty and feminine sensuality and used to anoint both hair and body. The original recipe, which used the oil of one thousand blue Egyptian water lilies, has been researched and reformulated by HAER’s founder and haircare specialist Rámon Taitz, working with chemists and perfumers combining ancient natural botanical medical wisdom with sustainable modern scientific practices.

SUSINUM Luxuriant HAER Oil benefits

• A lightweight, nourishing oil suitable for all hair types

• 100% natural botanical origin – ethical, cruelty free, vegan and GMO-free

• Made with certified organic and natural ingredients

• Fragrant – exquisitely blended to create a subtle fragrance, reminiscent of the ancient scent, with a timeless appeal

• Lightness – the lightweight formula is quickly absorbed and quickly dries with no oily residue

• Nourishing – enriched with nourishing oils, extracts and anti-oxidants to help restore and revitalize the appearance of dry, weakened and damaged hair

• Shine – hair feels soft, glossy smooth and silky

• Styling ease – helps to smooth the appearance of split ends, and helps to reduce frizz. Assists with combing through stubborn tangles

• Sustainable – no synthetic or chemical-based ingredients. Kind to you and the environment

• Made in Great Britain

Founder Rámon Taitz has over 20 years’ experience in the hairdressing industry. Frustrated by the lack of truly natural, high quality haircare products on the market led him to create HAER.

“Passionate about all things organic and natural and a fascination with ancient remedies, prescriptions and preparations for the Health of Hair, it was essential that all HAER products were made from the highest quality, 100% natural botanical origin ingredients. So, I took a journey back in time to discover the wisdom of trusted ancient remedies and adapted and modernized them to suit our haircare needs today.”

HAER is registered with The Vegan Society and approved under the Leaping Bunny programme by Cruelty Free International, the international gold standard for cruelty free products.


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