The 2021 Global Green Beauty Awards


The 2021 Global Green Beauty Awards

SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil wins

Best Natural Hair Product Bronze Winner

The Global Green Beauty Awards 2021 celebrates the best of Green and Clean Beauty

“This hair oil is so eco-friendly: it contains 100% natural botanical origin ingredients – and its
ethical, cruelty free, vegan and GMO free. It is a lightweight treatment oil containing
Egyptian Blue Lotus extract. It also contains nourishing moringa, health-giving pomegranate
and regenerative black cumin.”

The need for green and natural products and how packaging is rising to the challenge:

With scientists declaring this the Anthropocene epoch – that our human impact on the
planet is so significant that the geological trajectory has changed, the need for all industries
to acknowledge and adapt has never been greater. In the beauty industry, green and eco-
friendly beauty products have flourished, with consumer awareness increasing and the
industry wielding developments in innovation, technology and stripping back to natural

Research indicates that there are three types of natural cosmetic consumer which have
been identified.

1)    Those who are seeking harm-free ingredients to avoid skin problems – a desire to be
healthy has been a leading factor for those purchasing natural products.

2)    Those who are environmentally conscientious and want to protect the earth – they
consider the manufacturing, packaging, logistics and resources of the products.

3)    Those who consider it part of their lifestyle.

Written by the Global Green Beauty Awards 2021, Global Makeup Magazine.