In the Spotlight: SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil

SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil is born from an ancient Egyptian recipe known as the
Egyptian SUSINUM.

One of the most highly prized, celebrated and sought after of all fragrant oils from ancient Egypt, a perfumed elixir lavishingly made with the essence of one-thousand blue Egyptian
water lilies

Documented in the 1st century A.D. by the Greek physician and botanist Pedanius Dioscorides in his Materia medica, a compendium of healing remedies that became the unarguable supremacy on medical lore that reigned for over 1500 years; SUSINUM held pride of place in this herbal compendium as a rejuvenating and restorative remedy especially prescribed for the Health of Hair

Steeped in ancient Balanos oil known as Egyptian Balsam, and fragranced with aromatic botanicals of Cinnamon, Saffron, Cardamom, and Myrrh, SUSINUM was exalted as a perfumed-oil of the highest excellence, exclusively made for the elite and royal upper classes of Egyptian Society.

Exuding an aura of rarity and exclusiveness, SUSINUM was worn for its heavenly and euphoric aroma, ceremoniously used to anoint hair and body as a rich symbol of eternal beauty and feminine sensuality

Royal, Opulent and Seductive, SUSINUM was exotic, and its scent was majestic; a triumph amongst all fragranced-oils of ancient Egypt.

It is said that Cleopatra VII drenched the purple sails of her royal barge in fragrant SUSINUM, as she set sail to seduce Mark Anthony.

Recalling that momentous occasion when she arrives on her stately barge, Shakespeare wrote over 16 centuries later:

“Purple the sails, and so perfumed that the winds were lovesick with them”

Shakespeare, Anthony and Cleopatra, Act II, Scene 2

Once revered by the ancient elite, this seductive and sensual oil is now available through HAER’s range of Health for Hair products

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