SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil Just Launched!

SUSINUM is a precious HÆR Care formulation first documented over 2000 years ago.  A highly prized, sensual oil pressed from one thousand blue lotus blossoms, SUSINUM was the preserve of the ancient elite, so celebrated and sought after that the last Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra famously scented the sails of her royal barge in SUSINUM as she set sail to seduce Mark Anthony.  The treasured perfume of the blue lotus was celebrated throughout the ancient world to anoint hair and body as a rich symbol of eternal beauty and feminine sensuality.

Based on extensive archival research, HÆR presents the first in a unique line of luxury hair health products that seek to combine ancient natural remedy wisdom with the most modern and ethical cosmetic science.

SUSINUM Luxuriant Hair Oil is a light, nourishing treatment for all hair types, of 100% natural botanical origin.

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